Wood Fences

wood fenceWood privacy fences are our specialty! All of our wood fences are custom stick built (meaning no pre-built panels). Building our fences this way allows for the use of full size custom materials, not the cheap thin walled material found in most pre-built panels. Another advantage to stick built wood fences, is the ability to roll with any type of terrain without the method of “stair stepping” which leaves a gap at the bottom corner of each panel as it tries to traverse a slope.

Privacy fences are generally a minimum of 6 ft in height and can be custom built to 8 ft or 10 ft, in both the stockade (boards are side by side) or board on board (boards overlap for no daylight) versions. The applications for wood privacy fencing can be multipurpose, visually blocking the view from the outside in or the inside out and for containment (keeping in children and pets).shadowbox_dogear

Are you a good neighbor? Do you want to be? If so, you should consider a wood shadowbox fence. The general rule for fencing your backyard is to turn the finished side (or good side, as some call it) to the neighbor.

When constructing most wood fences, the completed project presents two very distinct sides. One is the framework and the other, the finished side. At All American Industries, we stick build our wood fences, meaning no pre-built panels. In constructing our fences in this manner, we have a great deal of flexibility as to the styles we are able to offer.

The shadowbox style is one of our most popular styles. Our preferred method for the spacing of the boards is 3 inch covered over by a 6 inch board. This is what the fence industry usually terms a “tight weave”.

As with all our custom wood fences, we offer the shadowbox in a variety of unique styles. The Straight Dog Ear, the Scallop and Saddle cuts and a mixture of different size and style posts, such as the French Gothic, Dado and Pointed Dado. Also available are three different species of wood, Pressure Treated Pine, Cypress and Western Red Cedar.

Whatever your choice, you can always trust the experts at All American Industries for all your fencing needs.